The Ultimate Eco-Friendly School Supply List

Start the school year off right with these earth friendly school supplies that are made from sustainable and recycled materials.

The air conditioning blasted throughout my in parents’ home while the hot sun beat down outside. The cicadas whirred in the background as my college boyfriend, who was visiting for the weekend, and I debated what to do on this hot July day.

Pool? Nah, too crowded. Movie? Nope, we had already seen all the summer blockbusters on our list. Mini golf? Ugh, too hot.

That’s when a brilliant idea popped into my head.

“Ooh, I know what we can do. Let’s go to Staples!”

colored pencils, scissors, and highlighters on a white table

Though the start of our sophomore year was weeks away, I felt energized by the idea of stocking up on school supplies. Notebooks with crisp blank pages, boxes of freshly sharpened pencils, and unblemished binders danced around in my head.

Yes, I was that person.

I loved the feeling of starting the year off fresh, the literal and figurative blank page of new classes, new professors, and new school supplies.

While I still enjoy the feeling of cracking open a brand new journal, it’s blank pages practically begging to be marked by the smooth lines of a new pen, walking into an office supply store doesn’t quite fill me with the same sense of glee.

Now, all I see are trees that have been cut down to make paper, pens and markers made from plastic that will soon meet their end in landfills, and a vast array of things meant to last a short period of time.

(Geesh, way to lighten the mood, Bev.)

While your children might not get to revel in the glee of filling their cart with unused school supplies, you can help them start the year off right with these tips for stocking up on school supplies that are better for the environment.

finding sustainable school supplies

Before we dive into the specific recommendations, here are a few tips to help you make

The most eco friendly school supplies are the ones you already own

It’s really satisfying to start the year fresh with an arsenal of brand new school supplies. The problem with this method is you end up discarding or forgetting about perfectly good supplies. That means wasted energy from making and shipping unused school supplies and going out to buy new ones.

(Not to mention wasted money for you!)

Who wouldn’t love sorting through this mess?

Before you go and purchase new school supplies, take stock of what you have left from previous years.

  • Tear out used papers from partially used notebooks
  • Gather together all the partially used pencils and crayons
  • See what pens, markers, and highlighters you have that still work
  • Collect standard-sized white paper that’s printed on one side — you can use this later for printing on the other side anything
  • Small zippered pouches can be used for pencil cases. Unused makeup bags or old purses with the handles removed are great for this

Get what you can used

Once you have that in place, check out your local thrift store. I have found the one near me often has three-ring binders available for purchase and other assorted office and school supplies.

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Other places to look are Craiglist, eBay, Buy Nothing groups, or Freecycle. You can also trying simply putting out a request on Facebook.

Then it’s time to supplement what you still need.

Purchase environmentally friendly school supplies from sustainable companies

You can buy lots of eco-friendly school supplies from the big box stores or Amazon with a big of digging. For example, if you are looking for paper made from recycled content, make sure it’s from post-consumer waste (PCW). (In a nutshell, PCW means it’s made from products that were previously used and then recycled, rather than the leftovers from the production of other products).

Look for the labels B Corp and/or 1% for the Planet to help you identify it as a company that focused on sustainability.

companies to discover eco-friendly school supplies

Please note, the links below may contain referral links, which means if you click on them and make a purchase I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. You can read my disclosure here.)


A fantastic Certified B, 1% for the planet, and Carbon Fund online for products, including school supplies, that are better for the environment. They even give you a summary of how the products they sell are more sustainable. Use the coupon code bevgoesgreen for 10% off your order


A go-to source for plastic-free reusable lunchboxes and food containers

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Another great source for reusable lunchboxes and food containers

Wisdom Supply Co.

Another go-to source for low-waste and zero-waste school supplies. Use the link provided for $10 off your order of $50 or more.

Here are some of my top picks for environmentally school supplies.

The ones with a * are ones I have personally used.

Paper & Notebooks

hand writing school supplies in a blank notebook

Decomposition notebooks* are notebooks and sketchbooks made from 100% PCW

TreeZero Tree-free* paper made from recycled sugarcane waste fiber

Recycled Composition notebook by Tree Free Greetings

Binder made from 100% PCW

Bonus: whenever you can, print out things on the back of used sheets of paper whenever you can that would otherwise go in your recycling bin

Sustainable Writing utensils

Onyx + Green Bamboo Pens* or consider pens with refillable inserts

Sprout plantable pencils*

Rubber erasers* — Buy pencils without erasers attached and use this instead

Bonus: Try to avoid using markers as much as possible since they’re made from plastic. Otherwise, see if your child’s school has a marker recycling program set up with Crayola

eco friendly Coloring utensils

eco-crayon sticks, colored pencils, and notebook with school supplies on a wood desk

Onyx + Green colored pencils* made with recycled newspaper

TreeSmart recycled paper colored pencils

Eco-crayon sticks* made from beeswax, soywax, stearic acid, soy-based organic pigments (Made in Portland, Maine!)

Lunch & Snacks

Silicone Stasher bags*

Stainless steel food stacking container*

U-Konserve steel food containers

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Other earth friendly products for school

Plant Cellulose Tape* — Take this one with a grain of salt because claims of being biodegradable is not verified

Onyx + Green glue* — This does come in a plastic bottle, but it’s made from plant-based materials instead of who knows what

World Centric compostable tissues* made from discarded wheat straw fiber or forest-friendly Bamboo tissues from Who Gives a Crap*

Staple-free stapler

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