When you're feeling a bit overwhelmed...

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I believe that switching to a more eco-friendly lifestyle can be enjoyable and even save you money.

It’s a journey, and there’s no right or wrong way to get there. 

At Bev Goes Green, you’ll learn ways to create more eco-friendly habits for your home and family that won't break the bank!

Meet Bev

I’m a mom of two little girls juggling carpools, playdates, a part-time job, a jewelry business, and this blog.

With limited time, I’m all about convenience and saving money, but I also recognize my girls are inheriting this world. I believe it’s my obligation to them and future generations to reduce the amount of waste my family creates.

I imagine a world where…

  • we throw away one bag of garbage — or less! — per month
  • we buy less stuff and mindfully dispose our homes of things that we don’t actually need
  • we use products that are well-made and are meant to last instead of buying what’s cheap and disposable
  • we spend our money on companies that align with our values
  • our kids see us setting an example for them on how we treat the  earth

Am I perfect? Heck no! Do I throw away things, drive even when I could walk or take a bus, and give my girls snack pouches? Yep.

But I’m making more of an effort to be a model for my children.

Every month I try to incorporate new habits. Sometimes it feels like it isn’t enough, but I truly believe everything we do adds up to have a major impact.


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